"Dear Franco, dear Armando, I wanted to thank both of you for organizing this excellent meeting! Being for the first time, I was impressed by the assembled company which comprised a perfect mix of clinicians and more basic scientists and that chemistry worked nicely! Great company, great food and wine and lots of fun, an excellent recipe!! (thanks also for allowing both ten Cates to attend, we also tend to be engaged in clotting nowadays (as one of my friends once said, Arina is married to a clot, a case of matrimonial thrombosis).
Anyway, if a 12th version is organized, I want you to know I already apply for attending again! (will gather some more data both on NOACS/DOA and perhaps a bit of experimental work on TG/athero or whatever). Hope to be invited again of course (wherever, Dolomites, Mantova, Cortina….)."
Warmest regards,


PS Thanks to Nathalie for practically organizing all of this!

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