Medical-scientific congresses - luxury events - company conventions - pharmaceutical houses - banks - embassies

We work in the entire world thanks to our connections and our representatives in every city, every country, every continent. Our multilingual staff has an experience of more then 15 years in working in the event organizing sector.

list of services

  • BudgetCosts and Income Planning of the eventWe accurately study every request and expectation of our clients in order to plan a very precise and realistic budget. Thanks to our experience we can advise our clients toward the best choices for their event. We also cure the event's administrative aspect with a relative invoicing of the sponsors and registrations.
  • Event VenueChoiceThanks to our experience and knowledge about best locations, we are delighted to suggest our clients very unique and special Venues where they can put their event to life. 
  • SponsorsManagmentWe send letters, sponsorship proposals, sending of the Save the Dates, Space Planning etc. 
  • Scientific SecretaryThe CollaborationWe collaborate with the responsable staff of Scientific Secretary. We coordinate the scientific programm to match all aspects of the congress organization.
  • AbstractsOur ExperienceOur Services include calling for abstracts, software managment of the abstracts, gathering and online managment of scientific works, sending of the acceptance letters of the scientific works, coordination of oral and poster sessions, printing of the scientific volumes etc. 
  • SpeakersContactsInvitation to the speakers and other contacts concerning hospitality, transportation, transfers, recording visual and audio
  • Ministry Procedures Methodic WorkManagment of all ministry procedures such as National CME Accreditation, International EBAC Accreditation, pre-requests to AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco)
  • TypographyWork of precisionWe cure the typographic aspect of the event : we take care of the graphic recreation and printing of the programs, flyers, posters, abstract book, badge, totem, Certificates of Attendance, Schedules, Tickets for Business Breakfast, Dressing Room, Coffee Break etc., consulting services inherent to the graphic lineage studies, project, preparation and interior components of the venue, signs and accessories.
  • Interior ComponentsThe projectSetting of the interior components of the location, dismantling of the requested technical structures (appliances, accessories)
  • StaffStaff in operative phaseAccurate choice of the personnel in operative phase of the event. Our staff is experienced and fits to our professionality, our efficency, our image. It is well-prepared to follow every organizing step of a pre-and post event and able to complete works of text translation, websites in two or more languages. We work together with translators with a notable experience in the requested sector.
  • Technical ServicesThe technologyWe work together with partners specialized in realization of sound, light and video services. Some of the techical services include:
    -Video-conferences via satellite/web

    -Service audio/video/lights
    -Simultaneous Translation
    -Video voter
    -Video Realization in 2D & 3D
    -Slides Realization
    -Live Streaming
    -Intallation of permanent implants
  • CateringPersonalized EventsWe work together with fine catering services, with an excellent price-quality ratio to transform your events in an remarkable example even when it comes to food. What we serve is freshly cooked for a flawless result to meet the expectations of even the finest palates. We easily adapt to a number of 2 to 5000 guests.