N.L. Congressi is the official secretariat of SDRM

The International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (SDRM) is a non-profit organisation. The purpose of the Society is to promote magnesium research in all branches of life science and medicine by increasing the collaboration, diffusion and exchange of information.SDRM holds international scientific meetings and supports the publication and presentation of scientific results.
For more information, VISIT THE WEBSITE http://www.sdrmsociety.org/home.html

Welcome to NL.Congressi

Letter of the President


Dear Friends,

In the course of all these years, since 1997 when NL. Congressi was born, we have had the great honor and pleasure to organize a more than considerable number of events. Doctors, Professors, Pharmaceutical Companies and other individuals have trusted us to be the architects of many medical and scientific congresses, courses, conferences and meetings, as well as other luxurious events in Italy, France and other countries throughout Europe.

With the precious help of our well-equipped staff, we have been able to create the most unique and unforgettable experiences, with a touch of luxury and class in order to fulfill the expectations of our clients, choosing the best venues while taking care even of the slightest details. Our multilingual staff is trained to overcome any obstacle that may arise during  organization and offer all the help and support you may need.

I would like to thank everyone that has relied on us for organizing their events and I would warmly invite you to join in and experience the satisfaction of a perfectly put together event.

Kind Regards,
Nathalie Letrillard
President and Founder of NL.Congressi


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